there's no excuse for any disguise

i got a stone, where my heart used to be.

but i love, love.
wish i had it, but i'll wait around till i find it.


तेरे'स नोथिंग इन थिस हार्ट बुत में.

"there's nothing in this heart but me"

I've never felt more alone... and that scares the hell out of me.


सुम्मेर म्यूजिक ओब्सेस्सिओं.

uhhh, is that farsi?

coleman hawkins-the hawk in paris.
april in paris, is probably the most beautiful song i've ever heard.

stars-set yourself on fire

duke ellington and ella fitzgerald- ella at duke's place.
this needs no explanation

regina spektor-far
her new cd, it's absolutely captivating.
clever yet light.

yeah yeah yeahs-it's blitz. great summer music.



someone watches too much tv.


it's in the eyes.
The fear of this "force" that could ruin the safety and general state of America.


true, heroes is a tv show, and mcCarthyism actually happened, but maybe it was a veiled attempt at showing the terror that is control-ism (influenced by the red scare).

: Attempt at getting rid of all these Soviet spies that supposedly infiltrated American borders, literally and figuratively, (the government). Accusing people of being communists,and in turn ruining their lives, ugh hoover.

Attempt at getting rid of all these heroes that could supposedly ruin America and put everyone in danger. He accused people of being villains, even if all they could do was breathe under water. He attempted to gather them all up and put them in internment type camps, in turn ruining their lives completely.

man Heroes is legit.

Am i the ONLY one that sees the similarities?

p.s. am i the only person in the world that loves Chicago...the band?


"that vest of his is so loud, he wouldn't be able to hear me screaming"


best wedding invitation EVER, ohhh crazy romance

The sweetest.

//dangerously manifested curiosity.

I study cultures, their vast differences and even more vast similarities. The way cultures approach the world, how they view it, handle it, cope within it. I study people and the way this man-made environment shape and change their lives.

So it's only natural that I would love to see where the breaches of technology land me. If you're from India, Russia, Spain, Australia, France, Egypt, anywhere, and you're looking at my blog, I've accomplished my goal; To have my words, thoughts, and opinions on the eyes and minds of anyone outside my own cultural realm.

See, I've learned that any sort of cultural interaction, even one through the internet has the vast power to change a person, to influence them to think about something differently, to see something unlike it was seen before. Though interesting, the fine fine line between cultural preservation and cultural openness treads on a tricky, and near impossible slope... There is no one answer, each situation is unique.

BUT there are two general options: abolish all cultural interconnectedness (globalization, etc.) in order to keep the groups, in for instance, Papua New Guinea practicing their own "occult" religions; or open up our borders, share culture, spread it, eventually resulting in a "cosmopolitan society" where everyone knows everyone's customs, and nothing is no longer considered strange, or foreign. To me, that would make this world lose a lot of its beauty. It goes back to this "fine fine line" we're treading on, the solution-less one.

I really could go on forever, i mean, it's what I have to write a 50+ page thesis on in about a year.

Basically though, I was just trying to explain the new "who.amung.us" app I added. To clarify that it is not to see WHO'S stalking me, not specifics, more or less it's just my general curiosity acting up.
"where in the world is carmen sandiego", we never really know, but we have a general idea.
... plus who did curiosity ever hurt, except for a nameless homogenized cat.
-douche chill.


shine a little light, shine a light on my life. and warm me up again.

what an odd weekend, very different from the norm.

i was 21 last night. had my first bar going experience, with my real ID. I blame stupid bouncers and their lack of worldliness.
no, everywhere doesn't have the same customs, and practices as michigan does.
anyway, it got me 2 long islands, a massive headache and some regretful blurbs.

oh well, c'est la vie.


rolling rock

one beer, and i feel like that homeless chick who tells me i'm pretty and asks me for money to aid her drug habit.

what a world.


put more stock in roses.

A man who loved all, who wore cardigans his mother knitted.

He weighed 143 pounds his whole life, hence his OBSESSION with the number 143. you know those christian folk, all about tradition...

"Mr. Rogers found beauty in the number 143. According to the piece, Rogers came “to see that number as a gift… because, as he says, “the number 143 means ‘I love you.’ It takes one letter to say ‘I’ and four letters to say ‘love’ and three letters to say ‘you.’ One hundred and forty-three.”

Apparently quite a romantic too, i wonder how he was...

you know.



around the world in 80 days

I went around my world in 45 minutes today, HA.
talk about a fulfilling, successful day.

i kicked works ass.
i kicked my ass.
i kicked my exam's ass.
i knocked on my other exam's ass.
i kicked my dishes' ass.
i kicked yoga's ass.

i did a lot more, and went a lot farther than Phileas Fogg ever did in a day.
...for a fictional character, that's saying a lot.