the clouds look as though they want to devour the earth.

i am backkk in michigan! whoot.
yay for cold weather, frienelies, interesting classes...
OOPS, did i just say cold weather? wow, NOT.
i walk outside, and by the time i get to my destination i am dripping sweat, not cute.
i mean i guessss it should have been expected, but whatevs.
ANYWHO. i have been a lot happier since i've been back. seeing some of my friends here have made me feel loved again, and important.
i knowww that sounds really depressing, and i'm not saying I don't appreciate any of my friends in georgia. it's just different now...

That's my favorite poster corner.

Today was beautiful, i walked to my favorite part of campus. Where there is this pathway along the river with trees on either side and a crazy garden. i sat on a bench and read. it was great.

michigan is great.

my room, MMM soooo sooo cool.


MEG, NO! *whimpers* i love you.


I don't understand my obsession with disney movies, i mean, isn't that supposed to be a thing of the past, warm memories of childhood mirth.

i regard alan menken as a genius.

i am in touch with the kid in my heart, no one wants to watch ANYTHING disney with me. apparently we're "tooo old for that" PWAH. you're only as old as you feel, that's what my mom says at least.

As my summer comes to close i find it necessary to think back on it all. take it in, honestly and objectively view the success of my summer, and i have.
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm it kinda sucked.
9 credits, that i sorta rocked the hell out of.
lots and lots and lots of scrabble, and bones!! i love bones.
played quite a bit of piano, didn't sing at all.. not good since auditions are in a week. BAHHH
erm, saw dark knight..
ooh and i also figured out what i want to do with my life, cool!

so... actually subjectively i had a pretty nifty summer. Not objectively though.

i'm excited to go back to msu, to just live again.
i'm rooming with a girl who is pretty much like me, i have a job, i might be doing an accapella group, it's a time for change, i say. Obama anyone...


p.s. i was watching hercules while writing this entry, haha.


watch your back, like the ides of march

I'm listening to the new Conor Oberst cd.
"whose heart beats electrical?"
oh man i love his lyrics, lots and lots and lots.

i went to a lake house last night, for a party... yea. i know.
it was beautiful though, i wish i had a picture i could post. ooooeeeee.
i closed a lot of doors that night, metaphorically of course, but also realistically too. i mean closing doors is a completely normal past time, i feel safe saying everyone on this planet does that at least once daily...

the closure i needed was received, and apparently i am too rambunctious to live among people.

i am ready for this next year.


i bet she doesn't even know who gandalf is..

i'm wearing a yellow flower in my hair.

i haven't updated this in more then forever. I guess i have just had a lot on my mind.

the moon's not very bright tonight, i blame the clouds.

i finished summer school, YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA.
i'm super happy. and now am relaxing.

i, yes i. kalyah alaina got a job. I honestly don't know how i did it, but I got chosen out of like 100 people, and my bff mitch got an interview too, but I still got the job. I am soooo ecstatic, it seems like a great job!
i just said I 7 times, no wait. 8. nope, 9.

i also found this job at the MSU museum (to work on weekends) as a docent, and it's for a photography exhibit coming from the SMITHSONIAN (where i eventually want to work) so i dunno, can someone say perfect?

but enough about me, now onto the rest of the world...

dear mother nature,

you are screwing with us southern dwellers, the power has gone out probably 8 times this week, and you have made it very hard to step outside without my skirt flying up into my face. BAH, but i love the rainbows you leave out after the storms. It's as if you are saying "sorry, here's a little bit of magic to put a smile back on your face".

p.s. it does.

with love,

I have started painting again, looking at all the storm clouds every day has inspired me. i am making a series of, i guess, dark paintings. lolzers.
and speaking of inspiration, i started singing again. my GOD this summer has had a very adverse toll on my voice. i sound horrid. mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs.

speaking of mehhhs, i met a boy! not a boy lover boy, haha i wish. but a boy IMed me randomly, apparently we were thrown together by some elusive robot mastermind. oddly enough we got along wonderfully, he is the only other person on this planet, that i have met that also says mehhs. we talked about music, our love of instrumental jazz big band type music, cartoons, the random instruments we play. our plan is to dwell on a street corner, me on the harmonica, whilst playing the piano singing. and him on the recorder.
we will be famous.

someone told me today "before i met you i never had a best friend"
talk about sweet. i couldn't stop smiling, AWESSS.

erm. i'm gonna go watch more episodes of bones, cause my summer nights have taken to sitting on the couch watching episodes of bones then freaking out because i think some man is going to come up behind me with an axe, then take my remains elsewhere for dr. brennan to later find and identify as me.
yea, vivid.