we are nothing but lashes that flutter.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters.

such a good cd.

the cd was named after the guy who invented cup of noodles, how pimp do you have to be to pull off something like that without criticism? only praise. MOMOFUKU. it doesn't even roll of the tounge, sweetly. but it is just so damn cool.
i want to use it as some sort of adjective, or exclamation.

"like wow guys that's so momofuku!"
- yea i don't really dig that.

or i guess i could say.

-omg i love that.

there are posters all around campus for this cd. and i honestly thought it was a joke. so i didn't really pay attention. but now i want to take them all and cover my walls with them. so my room will be a bright shade of purple with dashes of lime green and pink about every foot.

i have an interview today, EEEK i'm nervy!!

but i am sitting in a cool seat in the library, and it is oddly calming, i'm facing a HUGE MONUMENTAL window. and i can see down the street for miles, on both ends actually, and it makes atlanta look so fake. like the buildings all look so perfect and beautiful.
everything just looks so... amazing.

i think i'm just in a good mood.
had some coffee and nuts.
and i have my orange highlighter today.

and momma mia...

i feel like part of the appeal of the Dark Knight coming out is because it is allegedly what indirectly killed heath ledger, i feel like other then the movie looking cool as hell, that's the main reason i want to go.
i don't know how i necessarily feel about that..

"And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh."


what is this, are you some kind of hypnotist?

waving your powers around...

I skipped class today, mainly because i spent all night listening to music, instead of reading for my quiz.

yup, that's right. me.

I never want to forget the night I found out the CD i had fallen in love with, the cd of my summer. was not actually the cd i thought it was at all.
IN fact my gullibility has increased at such an alarming rate that this "April Fools" joke kept me fooled all the way till last night.
and i talked this cd off ALOT.
i am so ridiculous.
I'm kind of embarrassed actually, so i probably won't say what band, but all i know is i LOVE this band that i have been listening to for the past few months. and i can't seem to find their music, ANYWHERE.

HAHA, oh memories.
i'm going to look back at this in a couple years and just die...


point.set.mark 135 days till harrypotter.

life is going weird.
but i'm happy.
forever listening to happy music.


i am planning on taking a philosophy class.

and i decided i want to work in a museum, as my future. career...i guess.

I also saw the movie hancock TWICE this weekend, like whoa. i personally funded the movie.
i initially wanted to go cause i swoon when i see jason bateman AND will smith.
and my mom wanted to go cause it looked funny.
and me and clifford went spontaneously, that was a blast.
it was decently humored. i of course laughed at the things that WEREN't supposed to be funny.
so there were several occasions where i would be the only person in the theater laughing, but what else is new?

i hope something exciting happens soon, i'm getting slightly bored down here in the south.


comfortably numb.

"i need a fix cause i'm going down"
-the beatles.

when your life's most painful experiences are buried within your self, and someone digs up and opens that little white box.
out springs all the emotions, and all the memories of everything you purposefully tried to forget.

you fall apart, well at least i do.