new words, and a new song.

HELLOOOO WORLLDDDDDDD, guess who's back? back again? kalyah's back, tell your friends! (sorry, momentary lapse of lameness).

Well, it's may in 2010 and I don't think i've updated my blog since early 2009.
This is truly a crying shame because that means i've been using other virtual portals to express my thoughts, interests and emotions.
the culprit: twitter.
(www.twitter.com/sinatra_please, shameless advertising)

The point is, I miss blogger, I miss the whole words floating around in cyber-space phenomenon that accompanies a public blog.
I think the main reason I stopped blogging was because I was tired of using "anticipated reactions" as a teenage cry-baby diary.
Now, i'm in my early twenties, twenty to be exact. I have been kicking school's and life's ass, (still single though). and i'm just wiser in general.


well Obama is still the president, no fatalities or impeaching to speak of. Although, his name is slandered almost everywhere you look. A sad reality that I guess is the result of vast change.
He has made plenty of great changes, but most notably HEALThCARE PASSED! that is bound to piss people off, unfortunately on both sides. Through my Canadian eyes this is a non-issue, every human has the right to healthcare, every human has the right to get access to the best medicines and doctors, i always thought that life wasn't a partisan issue, sadly, i'm wrong.

AHH not to shift, but I just recalled my post from last year about NOT going abroad, and I wanted to share that I AM going to study abroad in Istanbul, Turkey for five months, doing field research and taking classes at Bogazici University. My interest in Turkey started around late 2009 while looking at their veiling policy, most recently I became interested in Istanbul: all the architecture, art, culture, people, tradition,and religion; this entrepot city embodies culturally relative modernity, to me at least.
SOOO many commas, at least that hasn't changed.

Hmm, my musical tastes have evolved during my hiatus, but it was mainly rediscovery, listening to bands I hadn't really given a chance to in the past as well as exploring and LOVING jazz-- i even started a jazz blog last summer (another reason I abandoned "anticipated reactions").

I started learning french, oui, and I absolutely adore the language.
Of course I started learning french when I was six years old, living in Canada, but it was all forgotten once I started learning spanish in highschool, c'est la vie, vrai?

I absolutely cannot think of anything else to say, so I guess keep a look out, and hopefully I will get my place back in the blogging world!

I am currently back in georgia, so i MUST share this version of georgia on my mind, by billie holiday. This version attacks every aspect of my feelings on this state (i hope you can hear the melancholy in billie's voice as well):


Josh said...

mmm mmm mmmmm...I really like the song.

melonontwotendrils said...

Update your blog more often! You're learning so much in school! It would be cool if you could share a bit here and there!